Everything in your life is unique, exclusive.
Your financial plan should be too.

We are a comprehensive fee-based financial planning team
built on trust, transparency, and integrity

BG Advisors is a boutique advisory services firm based in Brentwood, Tennessee. Our team has in-depth expertise on how professional athletes, entrepreneurs and physicians think regarding their personal and financial aspirations. We serve the select, those at the top of their game by being committed to being the best at what we do.

We’re not the best fit for everyone.

We focus our efforts to be UNCOMMON among the UNCOMMON. From the way we work with clients, the relationships we build with them, to the approach we take top to bottom, and the level of work we put in. There are no stones left unturned. Because of that BG Advisors is looking for those like us!

Navigating today’s financial world

Success opens opportunities. As your professional work-life balance grows more complex so do your financial planning needs. Why engage a sea of advisors, each focused only in their area of expertise and potentially missing the big picture? Our financial planning team specializes in helping you navigate and prioritize every facet of your financial life and opportunity. The end game: so you can enjoy the freedom to choose whatever you want to do next.

A holistic approach

We help our clients with so much more than just investing. We listen to your goals and analyze the entire field of your financial environment. Our team crafts a unique, comprehensive blueprint that eliminates unconnected, inefficient areas in light of your specific career and income potential.

Our world doesn’t stop at normal—
we go above and beyond!

BG Advisors’ services extend beyond your typical financial planning or asset management approach only. Our built-in “Black Label, White Glove” benefits give you direct access to sought-after services in a majority of sectors touching the lives of successful professionals. You can trust the long-standing business alliances we’ve forged over decades. We design efficient strategies to avoid the possibility of financial exploitation and gain efficiencies to your work-life balance. Enjoy knowing that we are committed to scrupulously vetting to help ensure you get what you pay for but don’t leave money on the table.

Without a clear philosophy on investing,
people tend to chase returns.

We believe in a long-term outlook and disciplined approach to wealth management. Learn what sets BG Advisors apart.